ChatGPT Writes My Marketing Pitch

Okay, this isn't strictly a
conversation with my night brain.

This is a conversation with a ChatGPT bot.

The Night Brain Podcast more as an
experiment with ChatGPT than to figure out

an actual marketing pitch for the podcast.

I decided to try typing in to ChatGPT
if my podcast is called Conversations

With My Night Brain, and the description
is talking with myself or sometimes

a guest about the things that keep
us up at night, new episodes released

whenever there's something to talk about,

write me a marketing pitch for why someone
should listen to the podcast and what

ChatGPT came back with is, pretty good.

Like it feels, uh, a little cheesy and
almost, but almost too good in a way that

makes me think it's probably out there
already and I just haven't heard it, and

it's just copying and pasting from someone
else's marketing pitch for their podcast.

At any rate, I'm gonna record
it right now and just throw it

into the archives of the show.

Maybe I'll use it someday, maybe I won't.

So here it goes.

Are you tired of lying awake at
night, unable to quiet your mind?

Do you ever wish you had someone
to talk to about the thoughts and

worries that keep you up at night?

Well look no further than Conversations
with My Night Brain, the podcast

where we dive deep into the things
that keep us tossing and turning.

Join me, Chris Enns, and sometimes
a guest, as we explore the inner

workings of the human mind and
tackle the tough topics that we often

try to push aside during the day.

Whether it's anxiety, stress,
silly or serious, we'll try

and offer a fresh perspective
and help you get back to sleep.

And who knows, maybe you'll
even discover something new

about yourself along the way.

So if you're ready to get real, get
vulnerable and get some sleep, tune

into Conversations with my Night
Brain - where the conversation never

stops and the insight never sleeps.

That line's a little cheesy.

New episodes released whenever
there's something worth talking about.

So be sure to subscribe.

You never know what you're gonna get, but
we promise it'll be worth staying up for.

Okay, so what do you think?

It's not like the most
professional delivery.

I'm not gonna do a bunch
of production on that.

It was just kinda just hear the
words said out loud back to me

and see what it sounds like.

And now you can let me know as well
what you think it sounds like as

a marketing pitch for the podcast.

This has been Conversations with
My Night Brain Marketing edition

for Thursday, April 6th, 2023.

Thanks for listening.

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ChatGPT Writes My Marketing Pitch
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