In the Face of an AI Future, Do I Sell My Knowledge or Keep it All to Myself?

Chris Enns: Welcome back to
Conversations With My Night Brain.

I'm your host Chris Enns.

Another solo episode here.

Just wanted to talk a little bit
about something I'm struggling

with, debate what I should be
doing, how I should be doing it.

With my business primarily, but
just as a thought process in general

with podcasting, and tooling, and
AI, and all of that kind of stuff.

So here goes.

So I'm struggling with whether
in the onslaught of AI, industry

changing, tools going, who knows
where, it's not just a specialty of

mine to be able to edit a podcast.

Tools like Riverside and others that
are out there are basically giving

creators a one button, here's a video
version, as well as an audio version

of your podcast, and they'll charge
50 bucks or so a month to do that

for hours and hours of a podcast.

Whereas I might charge a hundred
dollars per episode, let's say,

just to make that worth my while.

So I'm struggling in the face of
that kind of stuff coming and being

more prevalent everywhere, obviously
as an option to people, not that

everybody's going to take it and use it.

I feel like there's still a
market and a viability for being

a human editor in this world.

But do I do something with the knowledge
that I have right now while it's still

helpful to train, or sell training to
people who want to learn how to edit and

my approach to it and the tools I use,
before it becomes a commodity of the past.

So I might have a year, two,
five, maybe if I'm lucky before AI

just wipes it all out completely.

But by giving it away or selling
training around what I do, the fear is

obviously that I give away my knowledge
and give away the ability that the

things that make me different and
unique and give that ability to people

who might otherwise hire me because
now they can just do it themselves.

And I know the counter argument to
that is, well, there's lots of ways

for people to edit a podcast right now.

And even before AI came along,
they could do the research, figure

it out how to do it themselves.

And generally it's that they actually
don't want to spend the time.

They want to record the podcast.

They want to hand it off to an editor
like myself, who takes care of everything.

And it just shows up in podcast
players around the world.

They get to do the fun part of
recording the podcast, and not have

to worry about much anything else.

I know that's the value I provide
for a lot of my clients, but is

it going to be worth it for much
longer is what I'm struggling with.

So what do I do with that?

How do I proceed?

I've always had a passion
or interest in teaching.

And so putting a course together, some
sort of package, whether it's training

that I sell, ongoing membership,
YouTube channels leading into a

program, whatever that might be.

And obviously I have a passion and
interest in providing for my family

and making sure I can pay our mortgage
and our bills, and have a business

and an income that's able to support
our family's lifestyle of three kids,

two adults and related activities.

So that's where I'm at.

This is something that's
keeping me up at night and...

I'm wrestling with,
with my own night brain.

What kinds of things are you
struggling with, with the night brain

conversations that you're having at 3am?

I'm still not sure how to approach people
who I might want to have on this podcast

because generally I'd like someone to come
with an idea of something, not have me

prompt them to try and think of, or make
up an idea that they're struggling with or

a thing that's keeping them up at night.

And so I've toyed with the idea
of just doing it organically.

Keep doing this podcast as it is.

And, eventually someone who finds
it, struggles with something, reaches

out and wants to be on the podcast.

It's not very growth oriented
or aggressive, but that's

also my style right now.

Anyway, thanks for listening
to this podcast, wherever you

happen to be in the world.

And if you do want to be on the
podcast someday, you can reach out

to me, Chris at lemonproductions.

ca is my email address, or you can
find me at Chrisenns.Com and various

social other places like that.

Thanks for listening.

Have a great day.


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In the Face of an AI Future, Do I Sell My Knowledge or Keep it All to Myself?
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