A Conversation About Remembering Your Personal Wins

Scarlett 18i8 USB-1: Welcome back
to conversations with my nightbrain.

I'm your host, Chris Enns.

This is another solo episode of just
riffing off the top of my brain.

I just wanted to record something as
a message to me of, whatever, 10 years

ago, as well as me, maybe tomorrow or a
week or two months from now, or whatever.

I just got off a call with a client slash
friends prpspective client, I guess.

Without going into too many details, the
conversation with him was great because

it was motivated from his side by the
desire to work with me and figure out

a project to work with me on which is a
place and a situation to be in that's,

I feel immensely privileged to be that
way just because of who this person is,

and the kind of work that they do, and
the quality that they want to aspire to,

that they would then entrust that with
me and want to work with me on that idea.

And more importantly, just for me of,
again, like I said, past, present,

future, me, that gets down in the,
in the dark valleys of nobody wants

to work with me, nobody wants to
be my friend, nobody, whatever.

They're going to all figure out, you
know, the imposter syndrome stuff.

It's important to, for myself, first
of all, that's why I'm doing this

here in a very public way I guess
on this podcast that I haven't told

anybody about yet, to remind myself.

Hey, this is happening.

This has happened.

Even if, even if this is the
only time you ever hear those

words out loud, it has happened.

So you can't tell yourself people
don't want to work with you.

That's why I guess my recommendation
to you, the listener, is

to remember those moments

when that does happen.

Journal it, write it down, record
a video for yourself or an audio

for yourself or whatever so
that you remember those moments.

And even for the fact that other
people in your circle might listen

to that thing or watch that thing
and then be able to remind you when

your own brain, your night brain,

as it were, betrays you and tells you,
no, nobody wants to work with you.

Nobody likes you.

They've all figured out you're the
fraud that you think you are, et cetera.

And so if nothing else, maybe I just
need to send a weekly reminder to listen

to this episode of my own podcast and
play it back to myself in my brain

so that, or read it or whatever,
just so that I'm reminded of this.

It's funny because like the TikTok
algorithm, just a little tangent for a

moment, the TikTok algorithm is so crazy
sometimes how it absolutely nails you

to the wall with some random video that
you've never seen before, you've never

seen the account before, you've never seen
that style of video before, but just last

night I was watching and I need to verify
this obviously as to whether it's true or

not, but like I was watching, scrolling
through, swiping through, whatever.

And then this person who's obviously
some sort of, therapist or thought

leader therapist wannabe, who knows I
don't even remember their name or their

account to go find the video again, but
it was talking about high functioning

depression and five signs that you might
be a high functioning depressionist.

That doesn't sound right.

Anyways, and I don't even remember
the five things right now because I

didn't, it was just in passing, but
all five nailed me perfectly in terms

of what I am living like in the things
I struggle with and things like that.

And so is that actually me?

Is it true?

What kind of things could I do to
help become less of that or deal with

that in a real way, rather than just
like waking up and seeing what my

brain decides to tell me that day.

Tangent aside, this is for.

Chris, but also anybody, I don't know
who needs to hear this listening,

you matter, people want to
work with you, give it time.

It might not be today and it might
not be tomorrow, but give it time.

Try to consistently put out good
work, do your best work, communicate

well, and people will pick up a notice
eventually, even if it takes years.

This is like me 15 years
ago saying, what am I doing?

Nobody's going to want me to work on
their website or edit their podcast

or whatever it was at the time.

And it does take time.

Put in the work, do it
well, over communicate.

And most of all, be kind.

That's the biggest thing.

Celebrate the victories, journal them,
make a note in Notion, have a Reminders

list somewhere on your computer, and
just journal those little victories

as they come up along the way.

That's going to help you.

And it definitely helps me in those
moments where I'm thinking this sucks.


Thanks for listening.

Have a great day.


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A Conversation About Remembering Your Personal Wins
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