Conversation on Wins (Screencast Version)

Scarlett 18i8 USB: Hello, welcome back
to Conversations with my Nightbrain.

I'm your host, Chris Enns.

In this episode, I'm doing a little bit
of double duty here, where I'm actually

recording something for this podcast,
but also recording a little tutorial

video for my YouTube channel to show how
Descript works to go from Descript to

editing to Transistor to out to a podcast.

Something tangentially related to
that, that I've been sort of mulling

around in my head as I think about
recording this screencast, and

think for my YouTube channel is
how an idea gets stuck in my brain.

And I kind of need to see it through.

It's not that I think the idea is so
worthwhile of doing, and it's going to

be great success for me and my YouTube
channel and get me tons of views.

It's more about the idea just getting
it done so that I can feel like

creatively fulfilled personally.

I have published lots of podcast
episodes for clients, do lots of

amazing work for them, and edit
videos for clients, et cetera.

But there's something about being able to
put out your own thing into the world, at

least for me anyways, maybe you resonate
with this, but something about it for

me that feels like I need to do that.

I can edit five or six or whatever
episodes from clients in a day,

which generates obviously some
money as well as just success.

I finished tasks on my to do list.

And if I had the idea of something
for myself that I wanted to do, and

I made it through the entire week
and did never get around to do that,

somehow I still feel like I've failed,
even though my primary goal with this

business is obviously making money for my

business, which in turn pays me,
pays for food, mortgage, heat,

uh, Ted Lasso posters, et cetera.

I think I've referenced this in the
past and in this podcast, but I've

started a Notion file of just like
things that have gone well, so that

even if nothing else, if I never even
look at it, at least I would have

to take the time and write it down.

So when I get some cool praise from
a client or a project goes off really

well, or someone emails me with some
cool information about something or,

uh, just any sort of success, but not,
not like big, huge success in terms of

like money or metrics or whatever, but
just more like at the human level, like,

Hey, this worked really well today.

You had a good chat with this person.

This client really appreciated
the extra work and care you did

on this thing or things like that.

And it's just a document
where I write it down.

I don't necessarily look at it
again, but then when I go to write

down another one, I see the previous
wins and victories and cool stuff

that has happened in that document.

And it kind of just reinforces to my
brain, there is good stuff happening.

Even when you feel like you're not
stepping forward or moving ahead or

getting just little creative gains
in a week or a month or even a year.

So anyways, that's a quick episode just
as an excuse to try out the Descript

to Transistor like I was saying, and
hopefully this all records properly.

Thank you for listening.

See you again next time.


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Conversation on Wins (Screencast Version)
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