An Example of How Conversations With My Night Brain Will Sound

In this example episode of Conversations with My Night Brain, I introduce Monica, an AI voice generated by Descript, as my first guest. Monica shares insights into the unique concerns an AI might have, such as data integrity, ethical implications, and continuous learning. The conversation also delves into Monica’s interests outside of AI concerns, with the rapid fire round of questions that I ask all my guests. Monica provides practical advice for future podcast guests, and highlights the potential of modern AI tools.

Obviously a conversation with a human will be much more natural sounding, more free flowing, and conversational rather than a scripted back and forth.


00:22 Meet Monica: The AI Voice
01:11 AI Concerns: Ethics, Bias, and Stress
03:24 Monica's Fun Facts and Hobbies
03:51 Rapid Fire Questions with Monica
05:31 Monica's Sleep Tips
06:07 Conclusion and Invitation for Future Guests
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Monica the AI Voice in Descript
Monica the AI Voice in Descript
Created entirely in ChatGPT and Descript
An Example of How Conversations With My Night Brain Will Sound
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