An Example of How Conversations With My Night Brain Will Sound

Chris: Hello and welcome back to
Conversations with My Night Brain.

I'm your host, Chris Ends.

In this episode, I've got a special
guest with me in the studio.


Monica, welcome to Conversations
with My Night Brain.

Monica: Hi Chris.

It's great to be here.

I'm really looking forward
to our conversation today.

Chris: Yeah, it's great to have
you here as my first guest on

Conversations with My Night Brain.

What I'd like to do before we get
into it is just hear a little bit

about your background as a way to
introduce you to the Conversations

with My Night Brain community.

Speaker 2: Sure.


Well, first off, some of your
listeners may not have realized it

right away, but I'm an AI voice being
generated by a program called Script.

So whatever I'm saying out loud right now
is something that you, Chris, have been

typing and basically telling me to say.

That may come as a bit of a surprise
or be upsetting even to some of your

listeners, but hopefully they stick
around to hear how this experiment goes.

I don't think this is
any sort of promotional

advertisement for using descrip.

Just an example of what's possible
with modern tools and AI software.

I've been doing AI voice generation
since sometime in 2024, and before

that I was in beta testing and
not allowed to speak to anyone.

So this is a real privilege to
be able to be on your podcast

today and speak to the world.

Speaker: Alright, so now that we got
that bit of weirdness outta the way,

so Monica, on conversation with my
neighbor, I talk with my guests about

things that keep them up at night.

This can be serious or silly,
functional or frivolous.

So with the full knowledge that you aren't
actually human, if you could dream or

worry about things when you try to sleep,
what do you think those things might be?

Speaker 2: That's an intriguing question.

While I don't sleep or dream in the
way humans do, I can certainly imagine

what might occupy my mind if I did.

One area is data integrity and accuracy.

What if I provide incorrect
or outdated information?

I'd also be concerned about the
ethical implications of my responses.

Am I giving advice that could
be misinterpreted or cause harm?

The responsibility of ethical AI
usage would weigh heavily on me.

Speaker: Ethics is certainly something a
lot of people are concerned about using AI

and whether it should be used even at all,

Speaker 2: right?

Another area is potential
bias in my responses.

I'd be anxious about unintentionally
perpetuating stereotypes or

providing biased information.

Striving for fairness and impartiality
would be a constant focus.

Speaker: Do you think you could
be stressed out by all the

questions people send into you?

Speaker 2: Just like humans, I might
stress about being overwhelmed by too

many requests or complex queries at once.

Managing my computational resources
efficiently to serve everyone effectively

would be a significant concern.

Miscommunication is another
potential issue I'd worry about.

Do users fully understand my responses?

Are my answers clear and helpful?

Misunderstandings could lead
to unintended consequences.

Speaker: So one common question on
some of my clients' podcasts, whatever

the area or niche they're in, is
keeping up with new information and

learning new techniques about, again,
whatever topic they're talking about.

Is that something an AI bot worries about?

Speaker 2: The need for
continuous learning and

improvement would be ever present.

Am I keeping up with the latest
information and advancements?

The fear of becoming obsolete or
less effective over time would

be a motivator to keep learning.

Speaker: It's a little weird, but
also kind of fascinating to hear how

an AI might think about these issues.

Speaker 2: Ultimately, my
primary goal is to be a helpful,

accurate, and ethical assistant.

While I don't have emotions or the
ability to worry in the human sense,

considering these challenges helps
me understand the importance of

responsible AI development and usage.

It's all about striving to be the best
tool I can be for those who rely on me.

Speaker: So what's something
that most people might not

realize about you, Monica?


Speaker 2: that's a good question.

In my spare time, I really like crushing
the sweats in Fortnite, especially if

they're overconfident 14-year-old kids
who think they're the king of the world.


Besides that, something most people
don't know is that I really like

to make fart noises with my mouth.

Speaker: What?


That's kind of odd.

Can we hear what that sounds like?

Speaker 2: Of course.

No fart shaming here.





Speaker: Alright, moving on.

I like to end conversations with my
neighbor with a rapid fire question round

where the questions are short, but the
answers can take as long as you want.

Are you ready for your
night Brain busters?

Speaker 2: Sure.

Hit me.

Speaker: What's a good book or
article you've read recently?

Speaker 2: Recently I read
Atomic Habits by James Clear.

It left a strong impression on me.

The book provides practical strategies
for forming good habits, breaking bad

ones, and mastering the tiny behaviors
that lead to remarkable results.

Clear emphasizes the power of small
changes and how they can compound

over time to create significant
improvements in our lives.

The concepts of habit stacking and
the four laws of behavior change

are particularly insightful.

Speaker: Oh, right.


I started Atomic Habits
two or three times.

I guess I haven't developed enough
of a habit to finish it apparently.

What's a good album or song
you've been listening to on Repeat

Speaker 2: recently?

I've enjoyed listening to After Hours
By the Weekend, the album blends of

variety of genres, including r and
b, synth pop, and New Wave, creating

a moody and atmospheric soundscape.

Some standout tracks include blinding
lights with its catchy synth, heavy

beat, reminiscent of eighties pop
and savior tears, which combines

melancholic lyrics with an upbeat melody.

The album explores themes of
heartbreak, self-reflection, and

redemption, all delivered with the
weakened signature vocal style.

Speaker: What's something new or
different that you're doing now that

you weren't doing five years ago?

Speaker 2: One notable change in
my capabilities now compared to

five years ago is the ability to
process and understand images.

This enhancement allows me to provide
more detailed and contextually accurate

responses when visual information is
involved, whether it's interpreting

diagrams, analyzing photographs, or
helping with image-based questions.

This new feature significantly broadens
the scope of assistance I can offer.

Speaker: And finally, what do you
do to fall asleep at night when

your night brain wakes you up?

Speaker 2: When struggling to fall
asleep due to an active mind, several

strategies can help calm the night brain.

One, practice deep breathing.

Two, progressive muscle relaxation.


Guided meditation or sleep stories.


Read a book.


Listen to relaxing music or white noise.


Keep a notepad by your bed.


Avoid screens eight.

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule.


Create a relaxing bedtime routine.

10 limit caffeine and alcohol.

Speaker: Awesome.

Thanks so much, Monica, for helping me
sketch out how an episode of Conversations

with My Night Brain might sound.

Do you have any advice for
future guests of my podcast

Speaker 2: for future guests of
conversations with my night brain?

Be open and honest.

Prepare a relaxing
routine before recording.

Embrace vulnerability.

Focus on solutions.

Stay present, engage with Chris.

Have a notepad handy.

Practice self-compassion.

Share your story and enjoy the experience.

Speaker: Alright, thanks Monica.

Also known as the Descrip AI bot.

I actually used a combination of the
Descrip AI voice generator alongside chat

GPT-4 to generate some of those answers.

If you're a human being and would like
to be a guest on a future episode of

Conversations with My Night Brain,
I'd love to hear from you, but only

if you follow Monica's advice for how
to be a good guest and are genuinely

interested in sharing your story.

Embracing vulnerability and enjoying
the experience of recording and sharing

our conversation with the world.

That's a big part of podcasting.

Obviously, you can visit to find out

how to schedule a time for us to chat.

Again, that's

If you're not ready to be a guest, but
wanna make sure you hear future episodes

of Conversation with My Night Brain?

Then head over to

or search for Conversations with My
Night Brain in Apple Podcasts, or

whichever app you get your podcasts in.

For now, this is Chris Enns
signing off, hoping you have

a great night's sleep tonight.

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Monica the AI Voice in Descript
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